Where do we live ?

Growing old…

Aging requires us to remain attentive to our needs. Some little sisters pursue the mission of “being with” by sharing the life of the elderly in retirement homes. Some others go into homes run by religious congregations who have facilities that we do not have. There too we experience waiting, becoming dependent and needing nursing care. There can also be a greater solitude.

Old age makes us accept outside help, which for many demands a true conversion. We must face up to the reality of no longer being able to do everything by ourselves and of needing others. So, it is true to say that we live and find God in what is the ordinary life of so many people who are doing their best to age at home, with the help of home support services. To live this last stage of life well, we take advantage of various support groups and activities offered in our area. In doing so, we try to remain true to our call to be one with those on the margins of society as sisters and friends who entrust our world with its struggles and joys to Jesus in silent prayer.