What do we live?


“Unity is our primary mission”

L.sr. Magdeleine

We are called to weave relationships, to love more especially ethnic minorities, forgotten corners of the world, places no one cares about, and areas where the Church is less present or even unknown.

Unity is not synonymous with uniformity. Loving a people or culture requires us to acknowledge our differences in order to welcome the gift of the other. It calls us to recognize our prejudices, to change our way of seeing things, and to refrain from imposing our own expectations. Living together in respect and mutual acceptance makes it possible for us to know our own deepest reality as human beings, to touch the bonds that unite us here on this earth which we all share.

Living internationality within our communities is a witness we can offer the world.

Indeed, how can love be credible if we ourselves are not the first to try to live it, in unity with each other?