Towards our sources

We have begun the journey of reflection leading to our community’s General Chapter which will take place in Rome, September 2023.

A Chapter is a time of community discernment under the guidance of the Spirit, a time to gage how faithful we have been to our charism and our Mission since the last Chapter. Alongside our General Responsible and her Council, delegates from our communities in different parts of the world will participate.

In order to prepare the Chapter, the General Council invites us to, “return to our origins and draw from the source so as to evaluate and revive: our identity, our mission in our different settings and our presence among our brothers and sisters of Islam.” 

The preparation work begins in the communities with the participation of each one.  It is then pursued on the continental level through meetings that bring together delegates from each country, drawing their reflections together before the General Chapter.

Then there is a time to discern under the guidance of the Spirt, how God is calling us to live our mission as Little Sisters of Jesus today. Finally, given the calls of our world, the present situation, and our strengths and weaknesses, proposals are made to the General Chapter regarding priorities for our community to continue its journey during the next six years.

This time of preparation is for us a synodal and ecclesial experience. Together we set ourselves to listen to the Spirit, presenting him with our concrete situations, problems and questions. We try to be attentive to the light given us by the Spirit.

And like the Samaritan woman, we go to draw from the Source of our life. Angeline