Something new!

We can’t help feeling a bit moved as we announce that the official website of the Little Sisters of Jesus is now up and running.

We listened to everyone’s input—that of both little sisters and outside friends—as we imagined and designed it…We tried to knit your ideas and dreams together, while taking into account what it was actually possible for us to do…and now our little digital home is born.

The photos you’ll see, the texts you’ll read, the organization of subjects and choice of colors are all the fruit of a long collaboration; it involved design, creation, and especially work. And here it is, finally done. This moment is both an end and a new beginning!

Little sisters and their friends from South Africa, England, Argentina, Chile, Spain, France, Iraq, Italy, Morocco, and the USA all worked on it together. They coordinated with “Treehost” in order to find a way to put the Fraternity into words and pictures, even though words and pictures always seem to fall short of the task.

Each of us here always knew that somewhere on the other side of the world, or of a sea or an ocean, someone was working on the same texts. Looking back, we could say it has been a “synodal” process…not only because we walked together but because together we stumbled as well…and then together we got up again and kept going… It was just a few days ago, when we asked the people who worked on the site for a photo of themselves, that we suddenly realized how rich and beautiful the tapestry was, that a mosaic of faces took shape. And here it is, we’re gratefully sharing that mosaic with you.

Soon we’ll have a newsletter going, which we’ll mail you every two months in order to give you the latest updates. Sign up!