Who are we?


“…nothing else than a work of love”

L.sr. Magdeleine

Our first mission is to live together. We want our communities, made up of three or four sisters from different generations and cultures, to be laboratories of unity. We wish to witness that God’s dream is possible. Listening, dialogue, sharing, forgiveness…are the foundations of that unity which we build every day, throughout our lives.

Being sisters goes way beyond our little communities: we are connected to fraternities all over the world by letters and by meetings. The communion we experience among us is the force driving us to become sisters to those whose lives we share, and to whom we wish to speak of God’s closeness just by our being there.

We live all this at the heart of the Church. And at the same time, we are called to be sisters to those at the Church’s margins—unbelievers, or people who belong to other churches or other religions. In faithfulness to our origins, we have a special, preferential love for our brothers and sisters of Islam.