Serving unity

Our 12th Chapter has elected a new General Responsible:

lsr. Eugeniya-Kubwimana of Jesus, Rwandese

and her councilors:

lsr. Fiorella of Jesus, Italian
lsr. Goneswary of Jesus, Sri Lankan
lsr. Monika Greti of Jesus, Austrian
lsr. Najiba of Jesus, Iraqi
lsr. Pulkeria of Jesus, Tanzanian

This choice reflects the beauty and challenge of our call to unity in diversity.

They will accompany the community of the Little Sisters of Jesus for the next six years.

We entrust ourselves to your prayer so that our Community increasingly be that “good soil” the Gospel speaks of today: well labored and capable of welcoming the Word of God and words of little people.

With you we thank the Lord for our little sisters Dolors Francesca, Anitha, Christine-Erica and Virgine-Hanan who, for the last six years accompanied and upheld the Community amid stones, weeds and good soil.

In communion with the little sisters at the Chapter

The General Secretariat team