What do we live?


“…mixed in with humanity, like leaven in the dough”

L.sr. Magdeleine

In Jesus, God shared our humanity, experiencing it from the perspective of Nazareth, a village on the fringes of society. There, He allowed Himself to be shaped by work, by friendship, by daily life. We also learn by experience that it is possible to let ourselves be transformed by those who possess little beyond their essential humanity.

By their friendship and their generosity, our neighbors and co-workers reveal to us the goodness of God, inviting us to recognize that life is a gift to be received and welcomed. Life in small communities, on the fringes of our own societies, is a school of giving and receiving. Loving and letting onself be loved, letting go of the illusion that we are always the ones with something to give, that is the challenge of our daily life.