“…at once very little and very great”

L.Sr. Magdeleine

For us, finite as we are, littleness is a necessary condition for tasting the infinite tenderness of God. Like every human being, we recognize that we are small and fragile, we discover that we are in need of help, love, and forgiveness.

As “little” ones, we share life with persons who are pushed to the margins of society: immigrants, hourly wage earners, seasonal workers, slum dwellers, travelling people, Romani. We live our life “for God” in their midst, together with them. From our position of littleness, we learn to look at history, and at the world and its challenges, from the perspective of those who live day to day, socially or culturally marginalized.

Thus we have the joy and privilege of being able to discover beauty and grandeur in places where we expect to find only poverty and destitution. Becoming little means listening to others, seeking to understand their language, their way of living, their values. Becoming little means walking alongside others, trying to free oneself of judgmental and moralizing attitudes. In fact, it is only by living in littleness that we can hope to be welcomed as sisters.