In spite of everything… a light

Lately I’ve been possessed by a feeling of the passing nature of things, and their uncertainty, and it’s driven me to live the present moment with greater awareness. The situation around us is really worrying.

Our Bishops summed it all up well in their Christmas letter: “The Cuban people often feel as though they’re walking in darkness. This past year has been very difficult because the food situation, as well as that of medicine and general services, has been dire. On top of the suffering that comes from material need, there is the pain of separation due to the increasing emigration of children and the young, of entire families, of laborers and professional people. Elderly people are left lonely and unprotected. Wages are not sufficient to buy enough to eat, let alone procure other things necessary for human beings to live with dignity. Our families and Christian communities deeply miss members who are still in prison. In the hearts and on the faces of a great number of our brothers and sisters one can see confusion, sadness, and despair. The economy is not improving as predicted, and the possibility of being enriched by a variety of opinions and ways of thinking is not recognized nor sufficiently valued.”
Yet, in the midst of it all, God has not ceased walking alongside us, supporting us, and allowing himself to be discovered in so many daily encounters.

L.Sr. Roselène-Dominique shared: “I have been a home care aide, paid by the State, for a year already. My patient is dependent and has no income. Working with Magda gave me the possibility of getting to know her neighbor. Carmela is a woman at once very poor and very rich. I meet her nearly every day when she goes to get her bread or a meal at the lunch hall. Each time she greets me first, and asks me how I am doing… We always try to chat a little. It’s a relationship with no ulterior motives. Often I’m astonished to see how peaceful she is, despite having so many difficulties. She is able to rise above her suffering and forget herself to reach out to others. In my country we’d say “This woman is so good she is God in person.”.”

Each evening we get together to review our day. It’s then that we realize that, however complicated our situation, it hasn’t succeeded in quenching the desire of so many to be availble for others. We have witnessed so many acts of caring, of generosity which seeks no return, of attentiveness to the weakest among us.
Day after day, contemplating the seed of the Kingdom which remains alive and fruitful, we’re learning to wait patiently, to see things in an attitude of trust, to get involved with a sense of responsibility and daring.

L.Sr. Rosetta