Tre Fontane – General Fraternity

Tre Fontane – General Fraternity

Welcome to Tre Fontane, our General Fraternity, our family home!

It’s where our General Responsible and her counselors live. It is also the hub for the various services that make it possible for us to live in communion (Secretariat, Finances). This is the place through which all of us, all over the world, connect with each other.

Tre Fontane is sustained by a number of Little Sisters, coming from very different countries. By turns and in different ways they give a time of service, and they keep the place alive and welcoming for each one who passes through. Tre Fontane is the laboratory where our variety of experiences, and our diverse temperaments, are mixed together to create unity. Here also more intensive periods of formation take place (Common Core, Common Year, Sabbatical years.)

Tre Fontane is made up of several smaller communities. Each one of us, with her own gifts and form of service, contributes to the vitality and ambiance of this big community: prayer, work, common life, and hospitality. Thus it becomes a gift for all the Little Sisters and for everyone who comes to visit.

Thanks to its location and its chapel, Tre Fontane has become an oasis of prayer in the heart of Rome: many people climb the hill in search of peace and silence. They find the chapel doors, and the arms of Christ, wide open to welcome them.

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