What do we live?


“I founded the Fraternity with them”

L.sr. Magdeleine

Since our foundation, we’ve had a special bond with our Muslim brothers and sisters. “I founded the Fraternity with them”, L.sr. Magdeleine used to say, speaking of her friends from the earliest days, Muslim nomades from eastern Algeria. That is why we offer our lives to God “for our brothers and sisters of Islam, and of the whole world”. A certain number of our communities are present in Muslim areas, and in Muslim countries (North Africa, for example).

It is by way of friendship, in the sharing of daily life, that we work to make love and familial bonds grow between persons. We believe that the Kingdom of God grows in this way. We witness to the truth of the Gospel even more by our lives than by our words.

The concrete encounter with believers of another religion places us face to face with the mystery of our often irreducible differences, and invites us to listen to the faith of the other “until we find the deep movement of the heart where they come in contact with God”…At that point we find the faith of the other reawakens our own, and opens us to unexpected horizons… Encounter in shared friendship can then become gift from God.