Dreaming and linving

It’s never too late to make our dreams come true! After a lifetime in Brazil, Miren returned to France. In the midst of this great upheaval she discovered a chance to develop new gifts: she started taking drawing lessons.

I spent my whole life in Brazil, and it wasn’t easy getting used to France again. But the Lord put very helpful little sisters on my path. In this last stage of my life I feel the presence of attentive people who care for me.

Not long ago I was finally able to make a dream come true: ever since I was a child I had wanted to learn to draw and paint, but it hadn’t ever been possible. My whole lifelong I kept that desire in the deepest depths of my heart. And a little while after I arrived here I found a chance to speak about it. The little sisters of my community were very encouraging, and together we found a way to make it happen.

So, I began going once a week to a painting class organized by the municipality of Aix-en-Provence. It has given me great joy, and also helped me find my balance in the new stage of life I’m slowly discovering and welcoming. It’s giving me great pleasure to be able to offer my simple little paintings to little sisters and friends for special occasions.

As the years go by I feel my limitations growing, and I have to learn to let go and accept being unable to do the things I always did before. I feel like I’m managing to do this peacefully, in faith, since everything here helps: it is all adapted to our age, our strength, and our abilities, in order for us to put them at the service of life! Miren