Around the well

Since this morning, we are around the well. We aren’t alone… the Samaritan woman opened the way for us. It’s in her company that we too experience our thirst.

And it is thus that our General Chapter has begun.

We are together from the four corners of the world. During the Eucharist this morning, Dolors-Francesca, our general responsible, called each of the 47 Capitular little sisters by her name, and each one responded “Here I am” in front of the whole assembly.

Each one’s “yes” is in union with that of Our Lady, whose birth we celebrate today.  In his sermon, Fr Andrea Mandonico reminded us that Our Lady’s greatness lies in her consent… The girl from Nazareth is available to God ‘s plan, to his call to become mother of the Son. Mary is available to let herself be filled with grace. May this come to pass for each one of us and in particular for the Capitular little sisters.

In the company of the Samaritan woman and sustained by Mary’s intercession, may this Chapter be a time to discern and verify the extent to which we have been faithful to our charism and our mission… a time to let ourselves be questioned by the Spirit hidden in the reality of this world that God loves.