A dream come true Anna-Shosesharuwa and I had the joy of taking part in the inauguration of the Charles de Foucauld Small Christian Community (SCC) in Igwambiti, Tanzania.  It was a great gift for us and we would like to share with you what happened in this little place that is so unknown and yet so alive.

For a long time, the community was attracted by Charles de Foucauld but the parish priest had asked that they not officially take Charles de Foucauld as their patron before his canonization. So on August 6,  the dream finally came true.

It really touched us to see that our spirituality has sifted down to this small Christian community planted on the shores of Lake Victoria in Mwanza.  It’s the story of a seed that has multiplied and continues to give fruit.  Igwambiti is an outstation of the parish of Sawa, which was founded by St Monika’a parish of Buhongwa, which in turn was founded by our own parish of St Augustine in Mkolani.

On the morning of August 6, we gathered at one of the members of the new Charles de Foucauld community for the celebration. Mass was celebrated by Father Luambano, Augustinian and the community choir sang.  There were many children. Before beginning the Mass, the priest asked people to move so that the children could come and take their place around the altar.  What a joy to think that these children will grow up with the spirituality of the Fraternity and will make it known to those around them! 

During Mass a baby girl called Mary and a handicapped little girl called Patricia were baptized. This beautifully marked the inauguration of this SCC. The baby girl was a child of a local family who were taking part in the celebration. Patricia however was not directly from this SCC, but people had asked the priest to come and assist by giving her the sacrament of anointing. He discovered that she was not yet baptized and asked the members of the St. Charles de Foucauld SCC if they could welcome her for baptism on the day of their inauguration.

After Mass the Priest asked the chairman of the SCC of that zone, Mr. Peter Matesi, who is a member of the Lay fraternity, to read a short history of St. Charles de Foucauld.  It was very moving to hear the way he spoke about him. Afterwards we were given a chance to introduce ourselves.  As there were many young people and children, I took the opportunity to say something about St. Charles de Foucauld’s conversion.

After Mass, a meal was served to all those present.  It was a beautiful way to express the welcome Br. Charles wanted to live with every person. We remain very grateful for everything that Charles de Foucauld awakens in people and for what this small Christian Community is living. Pulkeria